Introducing Carbide Base Sapphire – a continuation of our research into ball bearing vibration isolators for audio. The new Sapphire version sits between the standard and Diamond versions of the Carbide Base audio footer in the product lineup.


The Sapphire version of the Carbide Base footer differs from the standard version by the addition of the Sapphire Insert in the top center of the footer. The Sapphire Insert is a ball bearing vibration isolator which provides additional filtering of low-level and low-frequency noise.

The Sapphire Insert functions similar to the Diamond Insert used on Carbide Base Diamond. The difference is that the Sapphire Insert does not utilize our TwinDamp™ material and that the bearing raceways are made from a different material.


The raceways used in the Sapphire Insert are formed from a high-carbon steel which is hardened through heat treatment. After a rigorous 8 stages of polishing, the raceways are then coated with a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) PVD coating combined with a special alloy. The raceways are then cryogenically tempered to relieve internal stresses and improve toughness.


The result is an exceptionally hard, smooth, and low friction bearing rolling surface which is surpassed only by the PVD Diamond coated ceramic raceways in the Diamond version.

Diamond raceways shown on left
Sapphire raceways shown on right

Marc Phillips at Part-Time Audiophile has published a review of our Carbide Base footers. Marc performs multiple experiments with the footers under his speakers and electronics, noting:


I really enjoyed playing with the Carbide Bases and seeing how they could improve–without question–the clarity, transparency and overall performance of my audio system. Highly recommended.


We are honored to receive the PTA Reviewers Choice Award.


You can read the complete review on the Part-Time Audiophile website:


Our Carbide Base footers have also made the list for PTA’s 2024 Best Hi-Fi Accessories

Now offering optional spikes for our Carbide Base footer machined from our TwinDamp™ material.


TwinDamp™ is based on a manganese-copper twin crystal alloy which has a damping capacity higher than magnesium and 10x that of copper. It has a loss factor similar rubber but in a rigid metal form.


We then perform multiple temperature treatments utilizing our high temperature furnace and cryogenic freezer over a 2-day period to further improve sonic character. Read more about the performance benefits of TwinDamp™ in our Measurements section.