Srajan Ebaen at 6moons has published a review of our Carbide Base footers. Srajan used 12 Carbide Base footers in several configurations between his two loudspeaker systems. As typical of Srajan’s reviews, he digs deep into the technical aspects of our Carbide Base footers as they relate to the sonic changes they impart. On the topic of multi-axis vibration isolation, he noted:


The upshot is clear. Vertical isolation—call it the anti-jackhammer orientation—seems particularly effective at disrupting the migration and amplification of mechanical resonances generated by powerful bass makers on a floor.


Srajan opted to keep our Carbide Base footers under his prototype sound|kaos subwoofer. We hope you continue to enjoy them Srajan!


HiFi Knights out of Poland has published a comprehensive review our Carbide Base footers. Dawid Grzyb interviews Carbide Audio founder Jeff Jenkins about the founding of the company and on various technical aspects of the design of the Carbide Base footers. Dawid writes on his listening experiences:


No blind luck secured this first win but the man’s decoupling method of choice that turned out efficacious regardless of application; brilliant under speakers, highly beneficial with a DAC and meaningful elsewhere. All in all, color me impressed.


Thank you for the kind words Dawid. You can read the complete review on the HiFi Knights website:

Llano, TXCarbide Audio is pleased to announce two new packaging forms for the Carbide Base audio footers. Carbide Base footers are now available either individually or as a Loudspeaker Kit which includes eight Carbide Base footers. The ViscoRing™ viscoelastic material for use in the Carbide Base footers is also now available individually. ViscoRings™ are available in light, medium, and heavy for various supporting weights.


The new product packaging is in response to customer feedback to allow purchasing of our Carbide Base footers in the specific quantity and weight ranges that they will be used in. Our new ordering process allows selection of the desired ViscoRing™ at the time of the order. There is now the ability to purchase ViscoRings™ in a different weight at a later date if needed.


The new Loudspeaker Kit provides savings to customers who purchase them for their most popular use which is under a pair of loudspeakers. Additionally, the Loudspeaker Kit includes floor spikes for use on carpets and sets of threaded studs for optionally mounting to the bottom of loudspeakers.


The Loudspeaker Kit is available immediately. Individual Carbide Base footers and ViscoRings™ are available for pre-order with shipments starting November 22nd, 2021. They are available for purchase and pre-order from our website.

Llano, TXCarbide Audio is pleased to announce the release of the Carbide Base audio footer. This culminates of 2 years of research and development to redefine the state of the art for audio vibration control.


The result is both an exceptionally wide bandwidth of vibration isolation and a high level of vibration dissipation. A novel multi-axis design isolates vibrations in all 6 degrees of freedom across nearly all of the audible spectrum. This includes the lowest frequencies most likely to excite room surfaces. Specialized viscoelastic materials dissipate over 65% of incoming vibration energy through a conversion to heat. Undesirable resonances are subdued where they occur. New levels of sonic clarity are realized with Carbide Base footers placed under your loudspeakers and audio electronics.


Carbide Base vibration isolators are designed and manufactured in-house in our CNC machining facility in Texas. They can support up to 700 lbs (318 kg) for a set of 4.


Carbide Base footers are available now from our website (