Carbide Audio

Carbide Audio is headquartered the town of Llano located in the Texas hill country west of Austin. We design and manufacture our products in-house in our own CNC machining facility. Our team leverages the latest in computer modeling and manufacturing to push the envelope of HiFi audio technology. We take pride in being hands-on throughout all stages of product development.

Commitment to Quality

Carbide Audio comprises a passionate team focused on quality. This focus on quality extends down to the raw materials we use. For example, our aluminum stock is custom extruded out of a specialized alloy with a fine grain structure to achieve the best surface finish. We leverage both automation and manual processes to achieve the high quality standards expected by our customers around the world.


Our products undergo many iterations of in-house development before coming to market:

  • CAD Modeling and Simulation
    • Fully simulate the conceived design.
  • Prototyping and Measurements
    • Verify the performance of the physical design with measurements.
  • Listening
    • Verify the measurements with extensive listening.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

We are committed to making sure you are satisfied. Contact Us and we will promptly answer any questions you have about our company or our products. Our network of international distributors are also always available as local contacts to assist you. Our distributors are experts in the use of our products and have been chosen to represent us in accordance with our high standards for customer satisfaction.