Introducing Carbide Base Diamond

Introducing Carbide Base Diamond

Introducing the Diamond Insert for the Carbide Base audio equipment footer. The Diamond Insert is an additional vibration isolator inserted into the top of the Carbide Base footer to bring further improvements in low level music detail. Culminating over a year of research and development, it represents the pinnacle of our expertise in passive vibration control for audio.


The new Diamond Insert features large zirconia bearings riding in bearing raceways machined out of solid ceramic – an industry first. The raceways are then thoroughly polished and coated with amorphous diamond using a special Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process.

The Diamond Insert vibrating at 10 Hz. The footer achieves near total isolation from 10 Hz and above thanks to a low natural resonance frequency and the PVD Diamond coated ceramic bearing raceways.

Transmission Path Evasion

The extremely hard bearing raceways resist indentation from the bearings better than other previous designs using softer materials such as steel and titanium. Avoiding raceway indentation defects allows the bearings to better dissipate vibrations via the concept of vibration Transmission Path Evasion.


The result is a further lowering of the already exceptionally low noise floor of the Carbide Base footer.

TwinDamp™ Alloy


The Diamond Insert also incorporates our new TwinDamp™ material based on a manganese-copper twin crystal metal alloy. Manganese-copper alloys have over 10 times the damping capacity of copper. Multiple stages of temperature treatments are performed in-house to further enhance the damping properties of this exotic alloy.


TwinDamp™ is utilized in the top center threaded hole and above each of the ceramic bearing raceways for effective damping of vibrations passing through the footer.


The Evo version standard Carbide Base footer can be upgraded to the Diamond version by purchasing the Diamond Insert. The upgrade is accomplished by unscrewing and replacing only the top center section of the footer. The original Carbide Base footer with the felt top cannot be upgraded to the Diamond version.