Introducing Carbide Base Micro and Nano

Introducing Carbide Base Micro and Nano

Carbide Audio introduces small footer editions: Carbide Base Micro and Nano.


Carbide Base Micro is a smaller version of our award-winning Carbide Base footer. It shares the same novel approach to utilizing low shape factor viscoelastics for superior bass performance. The primary difference is 3 smaller Micro ViscoRings™ are used rather than the single large ViscoRing™ from the Carbide Base footer.


The color-coded Micro ViscoRings™ are replaceable depending on the intended supporting weight. Horizontal isolation is augmented by zirconia ball bearings rolling between hardened steel bearing raceways – yielding a truly multi-axis isolation device.


While the Carbide Base footer is still the best in terms of damping capacity, Carbide Base Mico performs similarly but is more compact at 81 mm diameter by 40 mm tall.

Carbide Base Micro


Even smaller is our new Nano footer with an all-stainless steel housing measuring just 38 mm diameter by 30 mm tall. A single zirconia ball bearing rolls between PVD coated hardened steel bearing raceways borrowed from the Sapphire version of our Carbide Base footers. Nano Diamond is the ultimate version of the footer which utilizes our PVD Diamond coated ceramic bearing races along with a top pad machined from our TwinDamp™ high-damping alloy.


Nano excels in locations where space is limited such as under components sitting between shelves on a rack or directly under bookshelf speakers sitting on a stand. Similar to both Carbide Base footers, Nano can also be optionally bolted to equipment and loudspeakers in place of stock footers or spikes.