Installing ViscoRings™

1 Insert supplied 2.5mm Allen wrench down into each of the 3 holes on the top pad and unscrew the bolts housed within. Note: Once fully unscrewed the bolts will remain retained under the pad.

2 Pry apart the upper and lower portions to access the installed ViscoRing™. Be patient prying apart as the ViscoRing™ can become tacky and slow to separate. The bottom portion can be partially unthreaded to increase prying leverage.


3 Replace the ViscoRing™. Ensure that the new ViscoRing™ is fully seated into the underside of the upper portion. Store the unused ViscoRing™ in a safe place. It is normal for newly installed ViscoRings™ to settle and compress slightly after an initial period of use.

4 Align the top holes on the upper portion with the thread holes on top of the lower portion. Press the upper portion down over the top of the lower portion.


5 Insert the Allen wrench into the top holes and tighten the bolts housed within. The bolt will stop turning when fully secured. Do not overtighten. Pressing down and lightly twisting the upper portion can help guide the bolts into their holes. If the bolts still do not align with their holes, remove the upper portion and try again.

6 (Optional) Unthread the bottom section as needed to increase the height of the Carbide Base< footer to level uneven loads.