Carbide Base Multi-Axis Vibration Isolator

Carbide Base Multi-Axis Vibration Isolator

Llano, TXCarbide Audio is pleased to announce the release of Carbide Base, a culmination of 2 years or research and development to redefine the state of the art for audio vibration control.


The result of the initiative is an audio equipment footer providing both an exceptionally wide bandwidth of vibration isolation and a high level of vibration dissipation. A novel multi-axis design isolates vibrations in all 6 degrees of freedom across nearly all of the audible spectrum, including the lowest frequencies most likely to excite room surfaces. Specialized viscoelastic materials dissipate over 65% of incoming vibration energy through a conversion to heat, subduing undesirable resonances where they occur. New levels of sonic clarity are realized with Carbide Base footers placed under your loudspeakers and audio electronics.


Carbide Base vibration isolators are designed and manufactured in-house in our CNC machining facility in Texas. Carbide Bases can support up to 700 lbs (318 kg) for a set of 4.


Carbide Bases are available now from our website (https://carbide.audio).