Introducing Universal Stud System on Carbide Base Footers

Introducing Universal Stud System on Carbide Base Footers

Llano, TXCarbide Audio has released an updated version of their Carbide Base footer incorporating a new way of mounting to equipment and speakers called Universal Stud System.


The Universal Stud System utilizes standard flat head machine screws rather than the proprietary step studs used by the competition. Most screw thread sizes between #8-32 / M4 and 1/2″-13 / M10 can be used in virtually any length depending on need. A Bolt Kit is available containing screws for 8 footers in common metric or imperial sizes. The Universal Stud System works by passing the desired machine screw up through the bottom center of the Carbide Base footer. A tapered bore keeps the screw centered and a removable polymer insert is included for use with smaller diameter threads. The screw can be threaded directly into the equipment using the supplied screw driver. Alternatively, the supplied machined stainless steel jam screw can be screwed in behind the screw to secure it in place.


Need a different size thread or a different length? Simply replace the screw with another ANSI B18.6.3 standard flat head machine screw in the desired thread size and length. No need to purchase costly proprietary step studs in order to mount footers to your equipment. Alternatively, the jam bolt can be removed to provide a cavity to captively hold a floor spike from a speaker.


The upper portion utilizes more robust selective bracing of the ViscoRing™ to achieve the desired progressive increase in spring rate without the need of an additional viscoelastic pad. The result is superior isolation performance towards the higher end of the weight range for each ViscoRing™.

Additionally, the lower portion of the Carbide Base footer has been optimized to reduce the total height of the footer by 13% or 8.2 mm (0.33 in). The range of height adjustment has been also been increased by 280% allowing adjustment from a minimum height of 59 mm (2.2 in) to a maximum of 74 mm (2.9 in). The additional height adjustment can aid not just in leveling of equipment, but also for adjusting rake angle or tweeter level height when utilized under loudspeakers.

A new red Super Heavy ViscoRing™ has been added with an effective supporting weight of 453 kg (1000 lbs) when used as a set of 4. The Super Heavy utilizes a stiffer formulation more ideal for use under heavy racks or extremely large speakers.


A single spike can also optionally be threaded into the top of the jam bolt. With this upward facing configuration the spike can directly contact the under side of equipment to improve coupling.