Carbide Base Footers and ViscoRing™ Available Individually

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Carbide Base Footers and ViscoRing™ Available Individually

Llano, TXCarbide Audio is pleased to announce two new packaging forms for the Carbide Base audio footers. Carbide Base footers are now available either individually or as a Loudspeaker Kit which includes eight Carbide Base footers. The ViscoRing™ viscoelastic material for use in the Carbide Base footers is also now available individually. ViscoRings™ are available in light, medium, and heavy for various supporting weights.


The new product packaging is in response to customer feedback to allow purchasing of our Carbide Base footers in the specific quantity and weight ranges that they will be used in. Our new ordering process allows selection of the desired ViscoRing™ at the time of the order. There is now the ability to purchase ViscoRings™ in a different weight at a later date if needed.


The new Loudspeaker Kit provides savings to customers who purchase them for their most popular use which is under a pair of loudspeakers. Additionally, the Loudspeaker Kit includes floor spikes for use on carpets and sets of threaded studs for optionally mounting to the bottom of loudspeakers.


The Loudspeaker Kit is available immediately. Individual Carbide Base footers and ViscoRings™ are available for pre-order with shipments starting November 22nd, 2021. They are available for purchase and pre-order from our website.