Dissipate Low Frequency Noise

Noise Dissipation Feet


A frustration many listeners experience when listening through loudspeakers is excessive background noise in the midrange and bass and the resulting lack of definition that this causes. This is partially due to the low frequency noise produced by the speaker cabinets and their inability to properly dissipate the noise efficiently. But with a new set of noise dissipation feet from Carbide Audio, your sound experience will be closer to the artist’s vision than ever before. Through a variety of engineering techniques, we’ve managed to create the ultimate listening companion by dissipating this unwanted noise. Check out our shop today to learn more about our vibration damping feet and to order your set today!


The large reduction in background noise is a big reason why our customers come to us for our noise dissipation feet. Loudspeakers, turntables, subwoofers, and more emit low-frequency vibrations when playing music. The rotating motor and bearings of a turntable can cause stray low-frequency noise that vinyl aficionados refer to as “rumble.” This can impact the listening experience for many and serves as a distraction from what you’re supposed to be hearing: the music. But with our footers, you never have to worry about that again. Our patent pending design dissipates this low-frequency noise, working in all six degrees of freedom, unlike others that only work on horizontal axis. This drains away the noise, effectively reducing rumble and other unwanted low-frequency artifacts, by turning as much as 65 percent of incoming vibration energy into heat.


Carbide Audio’s noise dissipation feet are crafted from only the best materials, ensuring a high-quality product that will last for years. Our vibration damping footers work across an exceptionally broad bandwidth so all you hear from your audio electronics and loudspeakers is the pure sound of your favorite music. Available in a variety of colors, you’re sure to find a set that will match your equipment and décor. For more information on our noise damping footers or to place an order, check out our shop page today.